An object is considered aerodynamic if its shape reduces the drag from air moving past it when compared to similar objects with similar purpose. In context, if you can build a bike that’s just as light and stiff as your competitor’s, but make it require 15 less watts to move at the same speed due to superior aerodynamic efficiency, you’ve created an advantage. Felt does just that.
Instead of wind tunnel tested, Felt aero bikes are wind tunnel developed. We are bringing prototypes to the wind tunnel, making changes, and then going back and refining the design before the carbon fiber molds are ever cut. There is a big difference between sticking a finished bike in the wind tunnel and blowing air at so you can say you were there, versus multiple trips making changes, before you finalize the design. When molds are finally made, prototypes are built and delivered to Felt’s core family of key testers. This includes both sponsored athletes such as two-time Olympian Sarah Hammer, Olympic time trial gold medalist Kristin Armstrong, as well as Felt’s.

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